Colorado Country Christmas Gift Show
Denver Merchandise Mart
November 7th - 9th, 2014
Exhibitor Packet - Information Subject to Change

We would like to thank you for participating with us this year. To help you prepare for the event please review the information below. Make sure you are aware of the items which pertain to you to take advantage of our early bird discount deadlines.  


Host Hotels:
DoubleTree Hilton (Stapleton): 6.6 miles from the Mart 800.222.8733 or 303.329.5225 $77 single / $84 double / $89 triple / $94 quad – includes breakfast Group Code CCC

DoubleTree Hilton (Westminster): 7.9 miles from the Mart 303.427.4000 $94 single to quad – includes full hot breakfast & shuttle service once to Mart & once back Quality Inn: Located 1 mile from the Mart at 200 W 48th Ave. 303.296-4000 $79 per night includes full hot breakfast and free shuttle service on the hour Other hotels in the area: La Quinta Inn 303.458.1222 & Howard Johnson 303.433.8441

Move-In & Move-Out Procedures:  You will be responsible for this information - Page 2
Freight Receiving

Shipping to the Mart (Within 10 days of the show): Page 2


Denver Merchandise Mart Services:  - Page 3
Questions:  303.292.6278 or 800.289.6278, Fax 303.297.8473
Rules & Regulations for Exhibitors (attached form)                                                 
Wireless Internet Access (attached form)
Electrical Service Order Form (attached no charge 500 watts).............................................................
Equipment Order Form.................................................................................................................
Telephone Service Form (attached form - Expo building only).............................................................
Shipping to the Mart within 10 days of the show – Page 2
Showroom Key Deposit $10 (reimbursed when key returned)


Decorator Services:  Page 3 
Brede Exposition Services (additional cost)
Questions:  303.399.8600 ...............................................................................................................


Tax & Licensing:  Page 3


Everyone must have a Temporary Business License
Everyone must have a Special Event Sales Tax License before the event.
Colorado State Tax 303.238.7378 /   Tax filing......................................................



Health Department & Food Sampling: Page 4
Tri-County Health Department or 303.288.6816 ....................................................
Questions: Brian Mead, 303-439-5921, or fax 303-439-5997
Permits are required for potentially hazardous foods such as roasted nuts, meats, desserts, etc. 


Audio/Visual: PRG (additional cost).............................................................................................
Questions:  404.214.4800 or you can order online
Please use code: CCC131018


Exhibit Guidelines:  Page 4-5


Exhibitor Parking:  Page 5
Violators will be towed


Fire Marshall: Any Open Flames/Lit Candles/Products Using Fuel:  Page 6
You must have a permit to light or burn.  Questions: Ed Lucero 800.289.6278 X 5234

Page 2

Move-In Day and Exhibit Set-Up:

Move-In Schedule:

Move in begins Thursday, November 6, 2014. Exhibit set-up deadline is Friday morning at 9:30a.m.

Move-In: From: To:
Thursday, November 6 8:00a.m. 10:00p.m.
Friday, November 7 8:00a.m. 9:30a.m. (hand-carry only)
Move-Out: From: To:
Sunday, November 9 5:15p.m. 10:00p.m.
Monday, November 10 8:00a.m. 12:00p.m.
Show Days: From: To:
Friday, November 7 10:00a.m. 9:00p.m.
Saturday, November 8 9:00a.m. 8:00p.m.
Sunday, November 9 10:00a.m. 5:00p.m.


Move-In EXPO I, II & III Hall Instructions:


EXHIBITORS MUST UNLOAD AT THE DOCK AND MOVE YOUR VEHICLE IMMEDIATELY, BEFORE YOU TAKE YOUR PRODUCT TO YOUR BOOTH.  Security personnel will be managing the move-in area.  The main Mart door entry is hand carry only, please no hand-trucks or carts. We ask all exhibitors to park in the Exhibitor Parking lot across Washington Street, east of the Mart and loading dock.


All RV’s, overnight and over sized vehicles MUST park across the street in the lot located on the east side of the Mart only.  Note: there are no RV hook-ups or facilities.


Move-In Plaza Instructions: Exhibitors in the Plaza must check in with Registration to obtain your badges.  Registration is located inside the loading dock at the east end of the Exposition building.  Plaza load in doors are located on the North side of the building, on the back side of the Mart.


Move-Out Instructions:Exhibitors may not dismantle or remove exhibit materials before 5:15pm on Sunday when the show closes.  This policy will be strictly enforced.  Any exhibitor violating this rule may not be permitted to exhibit in future shows.  Exhibitors must move your entire booth and contents to the staging area of the dock before pulling up your vehicle.

Freight Receiving at no Charge:

To Ship Directly to the Mart:

Shipments will be accepted within 10 business days before the event.  Freight delivered more than 10 business days before the event may be refused.  Please note – having a tracking number on site is vital.  (Shipments intended to be received prior to the 10 business days need to be arranged with Brede Exposition Services.  Please see page 3)


                        Shipping Label must include the following information:
                                    Name (personnel on site to receive freight)
                                    Denver Merchandise Mart
                                    451 E. 58th Avenue
                                    Denver, Co   80216


                                   Colorado Country Christmas & Colorado Cookin’ (Name of Event)
                                   Nov. 7 - 9, 2014 (Date of Show)
                                   Expo Hall I, II, III or the Plaza (state the building where your booth is located)
                                   Company Name & Booth Number


Freight receiving for a fee and forklift service:

Freight receiving for a fee and forklift service: Advance Shipments Brede Exposition Services
Shipments may be received up until November 6, 2014 (late fees thereafter)
For additional instructions, please contact Customer Service at Brede at 303.399.8600.
Brede handles all freight receiving requiring forklift services (the Mart does not).  Contact Customer Service at Brede directly at 303.399.8600 with questions regarding freight or forklift service.

Page 3


Denver Merchandise Mart Exhibitor Friendly Services:

Denver Merchandise Mart Equipment:

Undecorated tables, chairs, waste baskets, risers & clothing racks are offered at no cost to you.  Please refer to the Denver Merchandise Mart Equipment Order Form.  The form must be returned to the Mart no later than 10 business days prior to the event.  (Please do not return Mart forms to Showcase Events, Inc.)


Electrical Services:

Show Management is providing all booth spaces with 500 watts of power for FREE.  If you need additional power or overnight power you need to fill out the attached Denver Merchandise Mart electrical service order form and submit it to the address provided on the form. You are responsible for any additional costs. Showcase Events, Inc. is not liable. The Denver Merchandise Mart Electrical Service Order Form must be returned to the Mart no later than 15 business days prior to the event


Showroom Key Service: 

A $10 deposit is required at the show for the key to lock the door and is refundable at the end of the show.


Decorator Services:

Show Decorator:

Brede Exposition Services – 303.399.8600 Ask for Customer Service for any additional booth needs, skirted tables, services such as drayage and cleaning are available.  Please contact the above number to reserve your order. 


Taxes & Licensing Required:

Colorado State Temporary Business license and Sales Tax Information:

The Colorado Department of Revenue is providing a Special Event Sales Tax form for the ‘Colorado Country Christmas Gift Show on their web site that will allow you to file and pay your special event sales tax return online after the event.  If you do not have a computer, you will need to complete, file and pay using forms DR 0589 and DR 0098.

How To Use the Online Filing System

  1. Go to
  2. Click box for Sales Tax.
  3. Click on the bullet File, Pay or Amend my Sales Tax Return (choose business).
  4. Click box for Business.
  5. Click on File a Return in the column under Access Now.
  6. Click File Special Event Sales Tax.
  7. Click on Event Name, or if your event is not listed click on click here.
  8. Follow on screen instructions.

Things You Need to Know About This Event


Every exhibitor must have a Special Event Sales Tax License before the event.


Vendors who do not file their taxes for this event will be subject to enforcement action.  Showcase Events, Inc. is required by law to supply the State with a list of all vendors who attend this event.  Be sure to file and pay your sales tax.  Tax Compliance Agents from the Department of Revenue may be at this event to insure compliance and answer questions.

Page 4


Health Department Guidelines:

Tri-County Health Department: 303.288.6816 or– Click on “Restaurant Inspections” on left side menu and then to “Temporary Food Events Frequently Asked Questions” to see if you will need to complete the temporary food event forms.


Specialty food exhibitors, if your product requires refrigeration, heating, re-heating, cooling, etc. please call the Tri-County Health Department or go to their web site to complete a Vendor Application for Temporary Food Events. 


New this year – The Denver Mart has a new policy and we no longer have access to their kitchen.  There will not be a signed commissary agreement by the Mart’s Executive Chef.  Instead the Denver Mart will provide an Ecolab Sink that will be set up in the Pavilion Building that joins the Plaza.


Exhibit Guidelines:

Exhibitor Registration & Information:  All exhibitors are required to register with show management at the Exhibitor Registration booth located just inside the shipping and receiving dock on the East side of the building.  You will receive your exhibitor badges as well as additional show information.  Show management will be on the show floor to help facilitate your move in, however, if you need immediate assistance please check with exhibitor registration to let them know of your needs and they will contact show management.  We will assist you as soon as possible.


Exhibitor badges must be worn for exhibitor admission to the event during all hours of the show.  Exhibitor badges can be picked up at Exhibitor Registration beginning on move-in day.  Each exhibitor will receive five exhibitor badges per booth space.  You are responsible for badge distribution.  Badges are intended to be rotated among your staff members only.  You may wish to leave your extra badges at Exhibitor Registration for your staff to obtain them.  Exhibitors or staff will not be allowed onto the show floor without a badge.


The show provides an 8-foot high pipe and drape in the back of the booth and a 3-foot drape on the sides of the booth.  The show provides a one line exhibitor identification sign with your company name on the back drape of your exhibit space.  You may hang your banner using “S” hooks over the tops of the rods, but please do not pin anything to the drapes.  Please, no signs over 8 feet.  You may be asked to bring it down as it blocks show signage & displays.


Sidewalls that are 10’ wide and over 4’ tall must have prior approval from Show Management.  If you have approved “High Walls” you are responsible for providing the materials necessary for your high wall, such as shelving, grid, furniture, décor, etc.  Anyone with a High Wall will also be required to provide an attractive backing.  If you are approved for “Low Walls” you can construct an 8’ high X 5’ display in the back half of your booth.  Low walls must be no higher than 3’ high the first 5’ of your booth.  Please refer to your Booth Confirmation for your sidewall approval or contact your show manager.


Each exhibit space is supplied with a 500-watt electrical outlet and is carpeted (for additional electrical or supplies see Denver Merchandise Mart Services, page 3).  In Expo Hall II, the hall will be dimmed and each booth will have special overhead lighting, at no cost, to enhance the booth and atmosphere of the event.

Exhibitors are responsible for all other aspects of their exhibit space including the ordering of additional lighting and decor.  Decorator and electrical information are included in this packet.  All merchandise and materials must be contained within the exhibit space for the duration of the show, a FIRE CODE REQUIREMENT.


Showroom Exhibit Guidelines:  All showrooms are approximately 12’ wide and 20’deep unless otherwise stated.  All showrooms are supplied with 500 watts of electricity, lighting and carpet.  The show provides a hanging one line exhibitor identification sign with your sign name and number on the outside of your showroom.

Each showroom glass front should be decorated.  All merchandise and materials must be contained within the exhibit space during the show, A FIRE CODE REQUIREMENT.

Make sure that you are aware of the rules and regulations supplied by the Mart in this packet.  Absolutely nothing may be attached to the wall.  Driving nails, tacks, staples or the use of tape on the walls will not be permitted.  A tacking strip can be found along the top of the back wall to attach a banner or other light weight items.  Charges may be incurred if damage is done.


Flooring:  The floor of the Merchandise Mart is carpeted in Expo I, II, III and in the Plaza.  You may cover the existing carpet with your own, if you wish, or rent carpet from the show decorator.


Booth Requirements & Marketing:  It is required to decorate your booth in a holiday theme and we encourage you to make your booth inviting and attractive to draw in your customers.  Increased sales will result from making the effort to display your product and to decorate your space in this way.  Be prepared to meet your customer.  Make sure to price your product so your customers can make an easy purchase decision.  Have a return policy and make customers aware of it upon purchase.  Accept credit cards if possible.  Make sure you have business cards, order forms or web site information for residual sales. This is not a table top show, no sale signs, close out or discount signs are allowed.  All signs must be tasteful.  There is no dress code at this event; however, professional comfortable attire is requested.


Restocking:  You may restock each morning between the hours of 8:00am and 10:00am (8:00am until 9:00am on  Saturday) by using the shipping and receiving entrance only. 


Storage:  Storage will be available in designated areas of the Merchandise Mart.  Storage is located in the large room that is just south of the Plaza and West of Expo Hall I.  There is also storage in the far eastern corners of Expo Hall III.  All empty boxes which are left outside your booth or showroom will be taken and disposed of by the Mart for your convenience.

Page 5


Exhibitor Parking:

Free Oversized Vehicle & Exhibitor Parking:

Free Oversized Vehicle & Exhibitor Parking:  All exhibitors must park East of the Merchandise Mart off 58th Avenue on Washington Street; no exceptions!  This parking lot is next to the Fire Station. 


Anyone who leaves their car parked outside the move-in entrance for the duration of the show will be asked to move their car.  There will be a parking lot attendant on site.  Close up parking surrounding the Mart and the Plaza is for customers only!  Violators may be towed.


Open Flames & Candles:

A permit is required for any device using an open flame, including candles, however only candles that are lit require a permit.  Before a permit can be issued a sample of the product will need to be submitted for review and testing by the local Fire Marshal.  To allow time for testing (not every device meets code requirements) the samples should be to the Fire Marshal 14 days before the event opens.  No permits will be issued the day of the event.  The cost for a permit is $55.00 per vendor.  A copy of the permit and an “ABC” fire extinguisher are to be kept in the booth.


For assistance or questions regarding permits contact the Mart’s Director of Safety, Ed Lucero at 800-289-6278 ext. 5250.  Samples for testing should be sent to The Denver Merchandise Mart, Attn. Ed Lucero Director of Safety, 451 E. 58th Ave. Suite 4270, Denver, CO 80216-8470.


Please be sure to include your contact information including your booth number with the sample to be tested.

Referral Rewards

Receive a $50.00 credit when you refer someone to us and they are accepted as an exhibitor in one or more of our shows. (If they are already listed in our data base, the above may not apply.) Simply call us or send us their contact info and the products(s) they would display. We will take it from there.


Contact Numbers: Kim Peck

Long Distance: 800.521.7469
Show office (Move in & show hours) 303.292.3916
E-Mail: Denver@ShowcaseEvents.Org
Showcase Events, Inc., P.O. Box 2815, Kirkland, WA 98083-2815


To Our Valued Exhibitors,

We would like to thank you for participating with us this year and recognize that you are entrusting to us the time and energy invested in your business.  It is our commitment to produce a well attended, quality festival which will continue to be a tradition in the Denver market.  Through our advertising campaign and our proven success over thirty years, the result is a strong vehicle for promotion and sales, as well as a fun, highly anticipated shopping event.  Thank you for joining us this year.


                                                                         Kim Peck and The Staff at Showcase Events, Inc